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Pauza (Food delivery app)
-100,000 users on Android App
-50,000 users on IOS
A growing Croation based food delivery service app. The app allows you to choose your meal from more than 150 restaurants in several cities across Croatia.
Carriage - Food Delivery App
5,000,000 users combined on both IOS app store and Google Play store
A leading app in online food ordering and delivery in the Middle East.
( Carpool App)
A carpooling app with more than 4,000,000 users based throughout the whole of India.Quick Ride offers a powerful platform to find real-time options for ridesharing, carpooling and bikepooling be it as a rider or ride taker.
99 app - Private Car and Taxi booking app
99 is on of the biggest Brazilian e-hailing apps.The app currently has 10,000,000 users on both IOS and Google play . With few taps, you can request a car or taxi and also decide how you pay for it, whether it's with cash or straight in the app